About Peter Chadwick

As a dedicated conservationist and conservation photographer, I have over 30 years of experience in terrestrial and marine protected area management. I specialize in photographing and writing about conservation and environmental issues on the African continent. I have been extremely privileged to have worked throughout Africa in some of its most special wild places, including the Kalagadi Desert, Kruger National Park, the Drakensberg Mountains and the sub-antarctic Prince Edward Islands and this has instilled in me a deep passion for Africa, its wild places and its peoples.

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Working across these diverse habitats has allowed me to gain vast experience in all aspects of conservation management in all of the biomes in southern Africa. My special interests are in conservation realted compliance & law enforcement, integrated ecosystem-based approaches to management, developing management strategies for rare and endangered species and capacity development of conservation personnel. I now provide conservation consulting advice across the globe.


My wildlife photography is a natural extension to my conservation work where I have numerous opportunities to capture photographs that showcase the beauty and complexity of the outdoors. I believes that through a photograph, we have the ability to capture a moment of time, that if correctly composed can positively influence the way that we respond, think and act”. I aim to take compelling and ethical images that communicate the key values of the environment, showcasing its benefits and highlighting the need for the protection of our fragile earth.

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As a Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers, my photography is internationally recognized, with my images appearing globally in a wide range of print media. I also have an extensive portfolio of conservation related articles that I have written for global media. I was the winner of the 2011 Gerald Durrell Award for Endangered Wildlife in the Veolia Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition and was also the of winner of the Eric Hosking Award in the British Gas Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.



  • Oceans of Life Photographic Competition 2013: Two images in the Top 50 (1 Highly Commended)

  • Oceans of Life Photographic Competition 2012: Three images in the Top 50 (1 Highly Commended)

  • Spirit of Africa Competition 2012 - Overall Winner

  • Winner of the Gerald Durrel Award for Endangered Wildlife in the Veolia Wildlife Photographer of the year 2011

  • Oceans of Life Photographic Competition 2011: Top 50- Highly Commended:

  • Dusk to Dawn in the British Gas Wildlife Photographer of the Year 1999

  • Highly Commended: Animal Portraits in the British Gas Wildlife Photographer of the Year 1998

  • Winner of the Eric Hosking Award in the British Gas Wildlife Photographer of the Year 1994

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About Conservation Photography: 

Conservation photography is about a deep passion, a passion that makes one want to tell an impelling story that will effect positive environmental change! It is about using iconic and thought provoking images to be a voice for this fragile earth, its peoples, animals and plants.

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Powerful images break through all language barriers creating an awe and wonder that is enhanced by an understanding that can inspire us to action.

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Conservation Photography is not just about the final image. It includes all the hours of preparation, planning, costs, time away from home, early mornings, late nights, frozen fingers, sunburnt faces, arduous hikes, tropical diseases and harsh environments that one often finds oneself having to "endure" in pursuit of a “mind blowing” image.

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For those that are willing to go the extra mile, the rewards are always worth it and their results speak louder than words. Please join me across my website in exploring my passion of wildlife and conservation photography, a passion that I hope will ignite a flame within you and encourage you to become an ambassador for our fragile earth!

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Photographic credits: Arne Purves, Martin Taylor, Thomas PeschakJean Tresfon, Dale Morris


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