Being a ranger takes absolute trust in the team that you work with

What it takes to be a ranger_┬ęPeterChadwick_AfricanConservationPhotographer

What does it take to be a ranger? It takes a closeness and absolute trust to the team that you work with. Given that rangers spend long periods of time working and living in close proximity to a small group of fellow conservationists, an incredible camaraderie is built up between team members.

These are the individuals that you share the most harrowing of experiences with on occasions of extreme danger while also sharing moments of joy and happiness or sadness. These are the people that you will tell your innermost secrets and dreams to. At the end of the patrol they are the people that you will sit and relax with, talking about the days experiences. These close bonds are hard to explain to someone who has never been in the situation but they are all part of building a team of teams to tackle the challenges of working as a ranger.

EVERYDAY is world ranger day where they deserve our fullest support, for without their tremendous effort, conservation in Africa will amount to little!