Cheetah and fences

Cheetah and fences_©PeterChadwick_AfricanConservationPhotographer

With only around 6000 Cheetah left it is imperative that they are managed at the metapopulation level and protected areas across Africa play a critical role in their conservation.

Cheetahs cover huge areas and many protected areas are too small for viable populations. Through metapopulation management animals are sometimes moved between protected areas to ensure genetic strengthing of the overall population. They are also highly adept at breaking out of these protected areas and can become a threat to livestock. This is why excellent electrified game fencing is needed and the Cheetah’s often need to be collared to track their movements. Fences work by keeping dangerous animals away from rural communities where they can cause damage to crops, livestock and human life. They also define a boundary which protects Africa’s iconic wildlife within protected areas.