It is not easy to watch a grown man cry

Wildlife Crime_©PeterChadwick_AfricanConservationPhotographer

It is not easy to watch a grown man cry – a man that you know is as tough and hardened as an old buffalo bulls hide. A man that goes out on a daily basis into an unforgiving environment and that will give his life to protect what is right.

To others, to watch tears roll down his weathered face from eyes that have seen too much, would be embarrassing, but to me its seems appropriate because my own eyes too mist over every time I am faced with the horror. Once you have seen what poachers do to a rhino’s face, you can never un-see it!

Another innocent life lost, horns hacked off to fulfill the greed and pathetic ego of someone in a far distant land. The tears are of sadness, horror, hopelessness, frustration and anger that in turn drives a solid determination to keep fighting on to protect these ancient and iconic unicorns of Africa!

Lest anyone forgets what is happening to the worlds rhino -And yes, these images are indeed hard to look at, but the world has to be reminded of the terrible impacts of wildlife crime!

This slaughter is now going to be further exacerbated because of the recent lifting of a 25 year long ban on the use of rhino horn by China! This horror is happening not to fulfill needs in Traditional Chinese Medicine but to improve the so-called social status of someone with a low self esteem and which allows Africa's heritage to be destroyed. We cannot let this happen!