Rhino Poachers Rifle

Rhino Poachers Weapon_©PeterChadwick_AfricanConservationPhotographer

After a contact with rhino poachers a hunting rifle, discarded by one of the poachers, lies on the ground. Members of the South African Police Services have placed a marker next to the rifle as part of the forensic investigation of the scene of contact.

The firearm will be tested for fingerprints so as to link the rifle to one of the arrested poachers. Ballistics tests will also be carried out back at the crime lab in order to try and link the weapon to other crime scenes and poaching incidents. Each weapon recovered is a success in the war against poaching.

This conservation photography project is carried out in partnership with the Game Rangers Association of Africa (GRAA) that provides support, networks and representation for game rangers across Africa. This conservation photography project will use rangers as the “lead characters” to highlight the issues faced by conservationists and showcase opportunities for improved support of rangers in the future. Positive and targeted messages will be communicated that emphasise the critical role that rangers play in African conservation in ensuring that the continent’s natural heritage is preserved for the benefit of future generations. Support Africa’s Rangers by supporting the GRAA.

Peter Chadwick is a Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP) whose mission is to further environmental and cultural conservation through photography. The iLCP’s goal is to use the art of high-quality photography to encourage people to take action in support of tangible and meaningful conservation measures.

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