The Consequences of Wildlife and Environmental Crime on Africa’s Iconic Wildlife

Dehorning rhino_©PeterChadwick_AfricanConservationPhotographer

Conservation photography is for me, a powerful tool that brings attention to the critical issues facing this planet. This visual storytelling also bridges the gap between often difficult to understand science and the public, helping them to understand what is at stake.

Over the last few years, my photographic work has focused more and more on the consequences of wildlife and environmental crime on Africa’s iconic wildlife and the ranger teams that protect them. Through this work, many of my images have received global viewing and recognition and in so doing have hopefully helped raise awareness of what is at stake. Awards and publication is not for my own glory or recognition but help increase the reach of what I am trying to achieve. One of the publications that I am particularly proud of participating in is the book Photographers Against Wildlife Crime.Through this book, Britta Jaschinski and Keith Wilson brought 24 of the worlds top conservation and environmental photographers together to create a masterpiece that awakens the world to what is happening and through this awareness we can then collectively bring positive change to halt the carnage. The book has already achieved amazing results getting world-wide coverage. What is particularly exciting is that it is in the process of being published in Mandarin for distribution in China.

In an excerpt from the book where I talk about the dehorning of rhino, I am quoted as saying “ Their dehorning feels like desecrating the very soul of Africa, leaving the animal confused, broken, raped and insecure by outsiders that should have absolutely no say in how it lives or dies. Yet, I have the sad realization that the dehorning is giving the animal time to continue with its life as opposed to being shot, hacked apart and left to rot through the senseless greed of man”.

If you have not yet obtained your copy of the book, it is a powerful and well-worthwhile read and must have. Please go out and make your own positive difference through at least shouting out and creating awareness to stop wildlife crime.