The impact of orphaned and wounded rhino's

Wounded Rhino_┬ęPeterChadwick_AfricanConservationPhotographer

In the ongoing poaching onslaught against our rhino, few people realise the number of rhino's that are wounded or are left as orphans. These animals are not included in the horrific statistics that are released to the public but amplify terribly the cost in animals that this senseless greed from China and the East is causing.

When a wounded or orphaned rhino is located, an incredible team of hard working conservationists, veterinarians and caregivers spring into action and immediately, they have some hard decisions to make.

Firstly, if it is a wounded animal, the animal is sedated and the extent of the wounds need to be determined to see if the animal can be saved or should be euthanatized. Then the decision needs to be made of whether or not to treat the wounds and leave the rhino to recover in the wild or to take it into the care of a rhino orphanage. It is terribly agonizing and heart breaking to watch a wounded rhino struggling with its wound or wounds that have been inflicted by high-caliber bullets from a hunting rifle or watching it struggle from having its face hacked apart by an axe. Fortunately rhino are incredibly tough and with proper medical support, it is possible to treat many and release them back in the wild where they are carefully monitored until they fully recover. If their condition drops further, the watching team will then immobilize the rhino and take it into the care of an orphanage.

Orphaned rhino that are still too small to care for themselves are immediately taken into one of the specially configured rhino orphanages. These places are doing an incredible job and have helped save countless rhino and need to be fully supported. The task of raising a baby rhino is extremely hard work and it is often very emotional as special relationships are built between the baby rhino and the caregivers. Not every baby rhino survives, leaving heartbreak behind!

For those out there that are looking to support and donate to rhino conservation, it is these rhino orphanages that are truly deserving of help and funds. Please go out and make your own difference by shouting out against wildlife crime and by considering to donate to these rhino life-savers. Please direct message me if you need details on specific orphanages that you can support.