Addicted to Nature

Addicted to nature_┬ęPeterChadwick_AfricanConservationPhotographer

I have to admit, I am an ADDICT! Scientists say that addiction causes hundreds of changes in brain anatomy and chemistry that underline habit formation and pleasure and that the body gradually requires increased amounts of the stimulus to reproduce the effects of pleasure originally caused by smaller doses. The big difference from other negative addictions is that my addiction is positive for the mind, body and soul, as I am addicted to nature and the outdoors!

Being in nature is my happy place, where I can breath in deep the smell of the ocean, feel the breath of the breeze on my cheeks and feast my eyes upon the incredible beauty and amazing diversity of the wild. I cannot get enough of it and the more that the hustle and bustle of modern day living grasps at trying to control me, the more I need to escape into the realms of nature. It is the place where I can truly appreciate the wonders of creation, from observing the smallest delicate flowers growing alongside the coastline to being in absolute awe of a herd of African elephants as they move through the bushveld in perfect family harmony. It makes me realise that every species, every habitat and every ecosystem needs to be able to function healthily as this will in turn ensure our own future wellbeing.

Surely if nature brings such positive feelings and realizations it should become something to which we can all proudly say we are addicted to? Who of you will claim #addictedtonature on their status?