Beauty lies all around us if we make the effort to observe

Protea compacta_©PeterChadwick_AfricanConservationPhotographer

Beauty lies all around us if we make the effort to observe. The contrasting softness of colors and the fine-haired edges of this Protea compacta flower highlight the delicate beauty that is found amongst the fynbos regions of the Cape floral kingdom.

Exploring the wild mountain tops and coastal plains for these flowers not only gives us access to an incredible diversity of inter-connected and inter-dependent life, it also allows the fresh breaths of the wind to blow away our burdens and thereby focusses our attention on what is actually important in life. Status, money and materialism mean little in nature and there is a quick realization from time spent in the outdoors that it is our freedom, health and family that is actually what counts. We need to take the time to search for that beauty in nature so that we can reset our priorities in life!