Time in the wilderness rebalances our spirit and soul

Arniston coastline_┬ęPeterChadwick_AfricanConservationPhotographer 

As young children, we explore our surroundings with absolute enthusiasm, unbounded by the constraints that society slowly begins to box us into as we get older. Soon we become entrapped by materialism and have our lives set out for us by the politics of the day, loosing our freedom and joy in the process.

Perhaps, this is why those moments spent outdoors high on a mountain top listening to the absolute silence or spent standing memorized by the movement of the oceans are so special to us. These times that we spend out in the wilderness reach deep into the recesses of our mind and clear away the cobwebs of constraint and allow a re-balancing of our spirit and soul. We need to listen to the callings of these special moments and realize our intricate dependence on the wilderness and the environment. Rather than chasing materialism and monetary wealth we must focus on the wealth that time spent with family and loved ones brings though laughing, exploring and having fun as we did as children!