Tthe incredible beauty and diversity of the fynbos flowers

Leucospermum cordifolium_┬ęPeterChadwick_AfricanConservationPhotographer

Although most of my photojournalism work focuses on the environmental issues challenging this planet, it is critically important for me to remain positive while at the same time trying to pursue greater creativity in my imagery.

When I am fortunate to spend time at home, I wander into the mountain that lies behind where I live and the total tranquility up on the high points brings peace and a refreshing of the mind and soul. With a macro lens, I try and focus in on the incredible beauty and diversity of the fynbos flowers, looking for patterns,and colors and trying to find a way of doing justice to their incredible awesomeness. This image depicts the details of a Leucospermum cordifolium (otherwise known as a pincushion) flower head. By finding this intimate detail of floral beauty, I find the energy to carry on fighting for conservation.